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So I guess this blog was two years old yesterday. What do you do when you miss your own blogoversary? Do you punish yourself? Make yourself promise to make it up to you later? I don’t know. I guess you can always offer yourself excuses, like ‘but I am marking, that takes all of my attention right now.’ That is true enough.

I have written 71 posts (or 32 in the last year, see last year’s stats), and I have received 231 non-spam comments (or 90 in the last year, see stats link to last year). That is not too bad, although both stats are less than the first year I was writing this blog. I suppose it is not really surprising the stats are down a little, however, since I did have to finish my dissertation this year and that takes some time. I will give myself a break for credential¬†attainment. I am still pretty good at keeping my comments and spam queues pretty cleaned up.

Things improved in the site visit department, however. Last year I had 12, 087 visits, and this year I have had 13, 287 visits, for a total of 25,374 visits in two years. This seems to be mostly due to the two posts I wrote about Portal 2. The first was about some worries I had after reading some developer commentary and watching the trailer at E3. The second was after I had played the game and was describing the feminist analysis of structural power relations that I believed was embedded in the plot. Thanks gamers!


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